"The Needs of My Clients are My Concern"

Welcome to My Real Estate Website

As a buyer or a seller, you want your real estate transactions to go smoothly. That means finding the exact home you're looking for, or selling your home promptly and for the best price with the lease amount of stress. It means not having to worry, even if you're new to the real estate arena, or if you're moving into a new city.

You need an experienced professional.The agent you choose will help you make many important decisions. No one will work harder or more professionally, will listen to you and your wants and needs in a home than I will. I will put my knowledge and experience to work to help you make your move a pleasant one. Make your choice wisely.


Unlike most agents, I prefer to see my real estate business as a small "boutique shop" for an elite few (not the masses.) I do not sell 100 or 200 homes a year. It simply is not a goal of mine. I have no interest in operating a business that my clients are just a pay cheque and off to the next. I am much more interested in results and a personal relationship with my clients. Staying in touch with the needs of my clients, attention to detail, client experience and maximizing profit in strict accord to my client's goals, as well as staying friends after the process is what I strive for. I am a control freak, which is a good thing for my clients. I demand excellence, which means, to operate my business as I envision, I do not have 10 team members "to do" all the work for me. When we decide that we will work together, you will get me and only me from the beginning of the process to the end of the process. I have professionals that are there for me and if I don't know an answer to something, I have the right people to get that answer for you.  YOU GET ME RIGHT THROUGH THE PROCESS AND WHEN YOU CALL ME, I WILL ACTUALLY ANSWER OR BE THE ONE CALLING YOU BACK.

If this is the type of Realtor you are looking for then it would be me.


If you know someone going through a divorce and needs some information check my website and facebook for divorce. As well as facebook for Real Estate.

Facebook for Real Estate Go to: Adele Paletta Real Estate

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Divorce website for Information Go to: www.divorceitwillbeokay.ca




When buying a home, there's none more important than the person you choose to represent you. We'll explain the process of buying your new home, and guide you through all the ups and downs and get closed on time.
Get a free home evaluation. This isn't a guess based on a formula a computer engineer wrote. It's a true valuation based on your home, it's features and location, by a top real estate agent who knows your neighborhood.
View thousands of homes for sale all around this area. With specialized tools that will allow you to search for properties that meet your specific needs and desires, we know you'll find the home of your dreams quickly and effortlessly.



If the time has come for you to buy a new home, then I would love to help. You need to be proactive in hiring your agent to represent you. 

If you contact a realtor after seeing their "For Sale" sign on a property, you are dealing with a listing agent, one who is duty-bound to get the very best deal for the seller!

 Lets get together so I can explain it all to you!!



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